Ginger – A beagle puppy born, tortured & murdered inside UF

ginger - born into slavery on september 12, 2010

Ginger was of 6 beagle/maltese puppies born into slavery inside the University of Florida’s concentration camp on September 12, 2010. She was murdered on April 3, 2012 at the command of whitecoat terrorist Thomas Conlon who is directly responsible for the unmitigated nightmare of an existence that Ginger was forced to endure.

When Ginger was 1 day old, on September 13, 2010, they began drugging her to induce Glycogen Storage Disease in which, according to the vivisectors, causes “enlarged livers” and “severe kidney complications,” and “seizures and even death.” The plan is to infect all the puppies in the study when they are between 1- and 7-days old to ensure a life of unabated torment and misery. And, on an irrelevant and superfluous note, the infected dogs may or may not receive experimental gene therapy after about 6 months where they are injected, intubated, shaved, and repeatedly terrorized by their captors. But, according to the plan, they will not receive any pain medication. Doing these experiments on humans where they could actually possibly help a sick individual has been determined to be “too expensive.”

beagle ufAccording to her vet records, when she was less than two-months old, on November 3, 2010, Ginger was already beginning to have siezures, she couldn’t stand up, her body was limp, and her head was tilted.

Two days later she begins vomiting and is continually noted for vomiting and being shaky thereafter. Her terrorists report that she is “whining” but have “no concerns at this time.”

And they continue to shove tubes down her little throat to pump more chemicals and drugs into her devastated little body. Days later she is taken to surgery where her veins are opened and a liver biopsy is performed to assess the damage that Conlon and his team have inflicted. This is precisely what Ginger lived through over and over and over again for the year and a half she was on this earth.

By December of 2010, Ginger is “unresponsive after episode of vomiting.” By February of 2011 she is vomiting in her sleep and, again, is “unresponsive.” But they won’t allow her life of torment to end. She is taken to ICU and revived. They shove a stomach tube in her and bring her back to her cell. She is repeatedly having seizures and continues to vomit, being subjected to cruel and gratuitous surgeries, being pricked, her blood siphoned, and this is repeated month after agonizing month.

When she is one-year old, Ginger has water on the brain and often vocalizes in pain and barks in agony when she defacates.

On April 3, 2012, Ginger is no longer responding to blood transfusions. She is unceremoniously murdered, her devastated little body is chopped up, and then she is thrown in the incinerator. Her autopsy revealed that Thomas Conlon had successfully managed to give Ginger — in addition to water on the brain — lung damage, hepatitis (cirrhosis), heart damage, and other damage to all of her internal organs.

Rest in peace, Ginger. You deserved to live your life free…

Eleventh Hour for Animals

exposing the taxpayer-funded animal torture industry inside the University of Florida



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